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Our Products

2-Pack Open Stock 6-Pack Open Stock
Pre-packed unit contains
25 2-pack stamps.
Refill orders contain 50 2-pack stamps.
Pre-packed unit contains
25 6-pack stamps.
Refill orders contain 25 6-pack stamps.
Pre-Stamped Envelopes
Open Stock
3-Pack Dri Mark Counterfeit Detector Pens
Pre-packed units contain
50 pre-stamped envelopes.
Refill orders contain 50 pre-stamped envelopes as well.
------ or ------
Order pre-stamped envelopes in a banded 5-pack. Refill for 5-packs contain 50 inner packs of 10.


3 Pack is for in-store use only.
Not for resale.
Includes instructions and is bar coded.
Order with your normal weekly grocery order.

Pre-Stocked Sturdy Display

Employee Name Badges

Employee Badges for in-store
use only.  Not for resale.  Badges include artwork/logo in multiple colors.  Horizontal or vertical layout includes badge clip.  Order directly from CPI Headquarters.
Tamara Testerman
(888) 268-2905

Pre-Stocked Sturdy Display
Will Hang or Stand Alone
50 Pre-stamped envelopes
25 Two-Pack Postage Stamps
25 Six-Pack Postage Stamps
6.5"Deep x 6"Wide x 12.5" High

Supply Advantages:

1) Order and receive your postage products from your primary distributor, eliminating the time and effort your people spend in securing, distributing and accounting for your postage supplies.

2) Receive a spin report from your supplier giving you an exact accounting of purchases, just like other items you sell. 

3) Eliminate current vending machine suppliers allowing you more control over your inventory, cost, and profits.

4) We have a toll free customer service number printed on the display unit for your convenience. Also, each merchandiser has your distributor's item numbers displayed for easy reordering of supplies.

5) We will supply a window decal with each merchandiser and possibly participate in your company signage program.

In-Store Advantages

1) Our eye-catching pre-packed merchandiser is designed with the convenience store in mind. This unit is pegged for wall mounting or will stand alone. It is designed to hold only the three postage products we supply.

2) The program allows your stamp customer to buy a smaller pack (2 or 6) at much less cost than buying a 20-count booklet. Our 2-pack and 6-pack along with our pre-stamped envelopes allow your customer to buy what they need, when they need it, while allowing you a profit.

3) All products with the exception of the pre-stamped envelope are bar-coded for scanning purposes. Your inventory will be better organized, more easily managed and audited.

4) Our program eliminates the need for vending machines, and eliminates the time, expense, and control of your employees buying your stamps at a local post office. This gives you complete control over the category.

5) Our program is guaranteed at retail, NO RISK TO YOU as long as the product is saleable.

Call Toll Free 1-888-268-2905
Convenience Packaging, Inc.  |  3141 Eagles Nest Street, Ste. 210 
Round Rock, TX   US   78665