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Q: Okay, so I want these postage items in my stores, how do I get them?
A: Contact your wholesaler and ask them to contact us. We will handle the item set-up with them, or we will contact your wholesaler for you.
Q: If I'm using one of the wholesalers listed, how do I get the products?
A: Contact them and ask that they list the three items in your order books and to make an initial distribution of the pre-pack to get started. We can provide item numbers for each.
Q: Can we legally sell stamps above face value?
A: Yes
Q: How long does it usually take to get my initial order?
A: We can have you set up in as little as 2 weeks, depending upon store count and the number of displays needed.
Q: What if I'm not happy with my decision?
A: Depending on your return policy with your wholesaler, your order is 100% guaranteed, there is NO RISK TO YOU!  However, we do not pay reclamation fees and product must be in a saleable condition.
Q:  Can we authorize the 2's, 6's or pre-packs individually?
A: Yes, however you may reduce your potential sales volume. The 6's will generate equal or greater dollar sales as the smaller 2 pack with fewer unit sales. The pre-stamped envelopes will generate more gross profit per sale. For best results, all three items should be authorized and stocked.
Q: Do you have some c-store operators that we may contact?
A: Yes, call our sales office for references.

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